As you know, we have been jetsetting to various locations in the USA, with me, your American guide, Michael Kahn. Our most recent stop is a trip to The Palm Beaches, normally a place of fun in the sun. However, this area is under Hurricane Category 5 alerts. I have lived through many hurricanes and I can assure you it can be catastrophic and horrifying. As the wind blows at upwards of 160mph, the rain pours down, the rivers and oceans become violent, the water levels rise to create potentially deadly floods,  houses are torn apart, electricity is out for days or even weeks, and debris is flown and scattered throughout the region. It is easy to see why so many are preparing to evacuate the area. Those who choose not to evacuate are taking their lives in their own hands, as emergency services may not be able to reach them during this period of time, or possibly even for days after. Gasoline, food, and water are all subject to severe shortages as people are rushing to fill up their tanks and stock up on food and beverages. People are racing to hardware stores to buy wood to board up their windows,  generators to power their homes if electricity goes out, sandbags in case of flooding, and extra batteries to power flashlights.

These hurricanes cannot be taken lightly. Some of the most dangerous hurricanes were hurricanes like Hurricane Andrew in Florida  (1992) that claimed the lives of 29 people and caused $25 billion dollars in damage as winds reached 165mph (270km/h). Many of my students have asked me about what to do as they will  be in Florida this week. First of all, hurricanes can be dangerous even after it has passed. This is because there are power lines down which can be submerged in water, causing pedestrians to be electrocuted. Furthermore, that water can be contaminated with waste and harmful bacteria. I would recommend not going there at this moment, but if they insist, there is a need to be very careful.

I wish my family and friends, and all people within the hurricane cone safety and strength to endure this challenge and frightening time. As said…”this too shall pass!”

Finally, here is an alert that came from the Palm Beach County government agency to area residents. Please read it and see how preparation is handled during Hurricanes.

On a final note, there is a song called “Rock you like a Hurricane” by the Scorpions. I always liked this song as it is full of energy… .but it is easier to sing about “hurricanes” than to live through one.  I hope that you will pray with me, your American Guide Mike, for all those in the path of the storm. Thanks for your attention and your prayers for those in the eye of the storm!


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